Make the Most of Your Winter Break

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You made it!

It’s the last week of classes for 2013 and our College Readiness team wants you to finish it strong. As you prepare for winter break, several of your former classmates who are now college students are returning home for their winter break too. Take an opportunity to reach out and connect with a current college student to talk with them about their experience. Some possible questions to ask:

  • How was your first semester in college?
  • Any advice for me about what I can do now to prepare for college?
  • How is college different from high school?
  • Can we keep in touch?

In addition to connecting with current college students, don’t forget to pay attention to upcoming application deadlines as you prepare for your own college journey. Along with application deadlines,  it’s almost time to complete your FAFSA.
February 20, 2014, every HISD high school will be open from 6p-8p to help you and your family complete this important step (if you haven’t already). Take time now to find out more information on to learn more about completing the FAFSA.

As always, we want to hear from you. If you want to know more information about preparing for college, connect with your College Access Coordinator, Counselor, or our College Readiness team. We’re glad to help!


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