$550,000 available for HISD Seniors!

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broad prizebroad

In September 2013, HISD was awarded the most coveted award in public education because of consistently
strong student academic achievement over a four-year period. What does that award mean for our students?

The Broad Prize for Urban Education comes with $550,000 in college scholarships for you, our graduating seniors.

Seniors across the district are eagerly applying for this great scholarship opportunity through their Naviance scholarship list and the deadline of March 3, 2014 is rapidly approaching.

Take time today to log into your Naviance account, find the Broad Prize Scholarship and apply! Our team is thrilled about the win for our district and even more thrilled about the benefit to all our seniors and their family. Don’t delay, apply today!

While you are in Naviance, take time to apply to others scholarships that seek to make your higher education goals a reality. Can’t locate your Naviance log-in information right now? You can also find the Broad Prize scholarship online at https://www.scholarshipamerica.org/broadprize/.

You are well on your way HISD scholar!


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