Take Advantage of your Campus’ Financial Aid Events!

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gearing up for college

Parents and seniors should continue taking advantage of the financial aid events happening at your campus. Earlier this year, The High School for the Performing and Visual Arts hosted a Financial Aid Panel for their seniors and families.  The focus was on the financial aid process with a panel of experts from the University of Texas, University of St. Thomas, University of Houston, and Houston Baptist University. In addition, they covered the important events and deadlines for seniors and parents in preparation for college.

Take a look at what one parent had to say about her experience during the event and how important it is to actively participate and be informed as a parent when it comes to student financial aid:

“The financial aid panel was extremely helpful because they came from both public and private universities and described how the process is slightly different at each University, so keep in touch with the school you want to go to and communicate with them. They stressed the importance of getting the FAFSA form in as early as possible in order to be considered for merit scholarships. Only after the school has your FAFSA form can they offer you a complete financial package even if they have already offered you some scholarship money. They were informative as to how to look for scholarship money at their school and additional websites.

Most of all they made the process seem more manageable and not so overwhelming. They motivated me to just get it done. It is important to get your taxes done ASAP, however you can estimate and then go back in and adjust once you apply.”

Have you completed your FAFSA yet?

You are well on your way scholar!


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