SAT School Day – 16 Days Away

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We are getting closer and closer to the HISD SAT School Day and thrilled to be able to offer this important college entrance exam to all of our juniors. We encourage you to continue using your prep tools (SAT Online Course and Naviance PrepMe) as you get ready for the big day. As an added bonus, here are some addtional test taking strategies to help you be at your best on April 16, 2014 at you HISD high school:

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Learn the directions and question formats in advance.

If you understand the instructions, you’ll feel more confident and be less likely to make careless errors. The test is timed, so if you don’t have to spend time on the directions, you will have more time for earning points.

Take an educated guess by ruling out one or more answer choices for a multiple-choice question as definitely wrong; your chances of guessing correctly among the remaining choices improve.

Omit questions only when you really have no idea how best to answer them. You don’t gain or lose points for omitting an answer.

Keep in mind that most questions are arranged from easy to hard.

Use the test book for scratch work to cross off answers you know are wrong, and to mark questions you did not answer.

Be sure to mark your answers on the separate answer sheet. You won’t receive credit for any answers you marked in the test book.

Avoid extra marks on the answer sheet. The answer sheet is machine-scored, and the machine can’t tell an answer from a doodle.

You are well on your way HISD scholar! Check out CollegeBoard’s SAT Test Simulator video to experience your upcoming test in a new way.


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