It’s Never Too Early To Plan For College

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Happy Monday HISD parents and scholars! This morning we want to address a question our team gets most often.

“When should my child start preparing for college?”

Our answer to you…right now!

College preparation can start as early as preschool and we want to make sure our elementary scholars and families know the basics of the path to a higher education. Today, families can:

  • Talk about college to your scholar throughout the week and make it a traditional part of your family dicussions.
  • Discuss the importance of making good grades, paying attention in class, and good attendance
  • Read to your scholar and encourage a love of reading
  • Visit a college campus (How many colleges do we have in Houston? So many to choose from.)
  • Be intentionally involved in your scholar’s education.
  • Start saving money today and learn about college affordability from
  • Become informed about HISD College Readiness efforts and tell us what information you want to know about college

Parents and families are an essential part of an HISD scholar’s support system. Planting the “college seed” early of a love for learning will help your scholar to become more informed about striving for a higher education.



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