Get To Know Us! CCR Spotlight Elnora Talbert

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Meet Elnora Talbert, HISD’s newest Sr. CTE Program Specialist. Elnora is a passionate, lifelong educator, determined to ensure that every student has the tools necessary for success in a global economy. She comes to us from CyFair ISD, where she worked as an Elementary School Program Manager, and before that, Michigan, where she served as a Career Specialist and Case Manager.

I worked with students ages 14-24. If they were out of school, I helped them get back in. If they needed housing or food assistance, I was there, walking them through each step of the process.

Elnora attended Western Michigan University, where she earned two Master’s degrees: Master of Public Administration, and Master of Organizational Learning. Her team focuses on building business partnerships, connecting campuses and communities with industry leaders. Elnora also assists administrators and teachers at Sam Houston MSTC, Northside HS, Kashmere HS, and Barbara Jordan HS ensure that CTE classrooms have the tools and equipment they need.

Students receive endorsements based on the career pathway they complete at their campus. These endorsements give students an idea of what industry career– be it STEM, Public Service, Business, Maritime, or something else– is right for them. In addition, if students take advantage of technical or vocational certification programs, they can begin working a trade.

I want HISD students to walk away with the skills needed to be globally-minded leaders… to not only touch their lives, but the lives of those in their communities… to be those sparks for others.