College & Career Readiness Offers TSI Assessment to all HISD High Schools

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Students are required to meet certain college readiness benchmarks if they want to enroll in college-level coursework. For those who are not exempt based on SAT scores or CTE coursework, students must complete the Texas Success Initiative (TSI) test prior to enrolling in courses. Since this exam costs money and typically requires students to take it at a college or test center, it can create barriers to the enrollment process. To lighten this load for students and families, College Success and CTE have partnered to support HISD high schools in becoming test sites.

Several training sessions were offered to campus coordinators, who received all instructions and details for successful TSI exam administration. Principals were highly encouraged to participate in this project, as it can save students time and money, and can contribute to Index IV ratings.

If you have any questions or need additional clarification, please reach out to College Success Director Jeremy Tatum at or CTE Director Glenda Calloway at


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