Get To Know Us! CCR Spotlight Victoria Salinas

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Meet Victoria Salinas, College Success Advisor (CSA) at Austin HS. Victoria has helped hundreds of students navigate the college application and financial aid process. She comes to us from Child Protective Services, where she served as a case worker for the Permanent Conservatorship of the State of Texas.

Advising at Austin HS has become an example, through the work of the campus’ college access team. Victoria knows that every student is capable of achieving the extraordinary, and works hard to ensure that all students have the tools necessary for success.

There are no typical days for me at Austin: last Friday, two students and I attended the Latino Education Summit. Today, we prepared for our first junior assembly of the semester. February 16th, I was tracking down students who still needed to complete their Rodeo Scholarship applications, and tomorrow, Out for Education is on my radar. Some days end shortly after the bell, while others are spent on-campus well after 5 p.m. planning a Khan Academy Drive, or at the movies until 9 p.m. watching “Hidden Figures.”

Victoria attended Columbia College, where she earned a Master’s degree in Journalism, and before that, Texas State University, where she earned a Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice. Texas A&M recently named Victoria a recipient of the Very Important Counselor Award, a statewide recognition to honor personnel who go above and beyond the call of duty. Victoria will attend an exclusive 2-day event on-campus, and in addition, will select a deserving Austin HS student attending Texas A&M next fall to receive a $1,000 scholarship.

I had no idea such an award existed. I started crying after I received the phone call, because I know that this award will go a long way to help one of my students—I cannot think of a greater honor than to be in a position where I can provide that scholarship to a student.

In the midst of her hectic schedule, Victoria always finds time for her students. She credits much of her success to the unwavering support received from Austin HS Principal Steve Guerrero.

Thank you, G. Mr. Guerrero has been my greatest supporter and advocate. Without even realizing it, he’s become a mentor, bringing out the leadership qualities in me that I didn’t even realize were there. Without his unwavering support for the work I do at Austin, the progress that has been made would not have been possible.


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