Get To Know Us! CCR Spotlight Daniel Lopez

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CCR Spotlight

Meet Daniel Lopez, Academics Program Manager for EMERGE-HISD. Daniel is a passionate educator, determined to empower underserved students to explore their curiosities, overcome challenges, and achieve their dreams. He comes to us from Spring Branch ISD, where he worked as an eighth grade English teacher and coach for the boys’ soccer and football teams. In addition, Daniel served on the SBISD District Improvement Team, a group comprised of certified campus professionals, district staff, and other campus stakeholders that advises the Superintendent.

Daniel supports 50 seniors, juniors, and sophomores at four different high school campuses. He sets the bar high, and works hard to ensure that every student is prepared to succeed.

When I think of my goal for HISD students, I envision what they will be doing 10-15 years from now: a future where all students are giving back to their communities through a career or field they are passionate about. I see my students creating solutions for the most complex problems facing our world today.

Daniel attended Boston University, where he completed a Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts in Political Science. One of the EMERGE-HISD team’s biggest values is equity— ensuring that each student receives the amount of support they need to develop and be accepted to top-tier universities. With this in mind, Daniel continually assesses and works with each student, to identify gaps and provide effective support.

One of my main focus areas has recently become supporting DREAMers, as they look to gain acceptance and access to financial aid at top-tier schools; this involves conversations with educators, families, and members of the community, to determine how we can foster support for these students.


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