Get To Know Us! CCR Spotlight Trina Wright

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Meet Trina Wright, College Success Manager for the HISD Office of College & Career Readiness. Trina is a determined educator and advocate, with a 20+ year track record of success in providing at-risk and first-generation college students access, attainment, persistence, and ultimately, graduation. Trina comes to us from Project GRAD, where she worked as a College Access and Success Manager, developing and implementing effective, high-impact programs that increase the college readiness and post-secondary education success rates of at-risk youth. In addition, Trina managed scholarship disbursements in excess of $2 million to colleges and universities across the United States.

Trina works with HISD high school students throughout all levels of the college access process, including: college applications, financial aid, scholarships, and career assessments. She develops and presents at college access and readiness workshops geared toward students, parents, and campus practitioners, and continues to develop and implement programs that increase the likelihood of success for college-bound youth.

My personal goal is to ensure that HISD students are afforded equitable opportunity and access to post-secondary education, as well as the financial and academic resources needed to see that education through, reaching their highest potential.

Trina attended Prairie View A&M University, where she earned a Master’s degree in Sociology, and before that, Texas Southern University, where she earned a Bachelor’s degree in Social Work. Texas A&M recently named Trina a recipient of the Very Important Counselor Award, a statewide recognition to honor personnel who go above and beyond the call of duty. Trina attended an exclusive 2-day event on-campus, and in addition, will soon select a deserving HISD student attending Texas A&M next fall to receive a $1,000 scholarship.

I love the concept of this VIC award, because it provides me with the financial means to directly impact the life of a student. I have advocated on-behalf of their educational opportunities throughout my entire career, so I feel humbled to be recognized in a way that allows me to empower and further someone’s educational path.

Trina’s work impacts thousands of HISD students daily, and from the scholarships she promotes that make higher education financially feasible, to the persistence and grit she inspires, Trina knows that every student is capable of achieving their goals.


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