HISD College Readiness Department Offers Official SAT Practice Camp at TSU

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For the first time ever, HISD College Readiness offered an SAT® Practice Camp, in collaboration with TSU and the Greater Houston All-Star Band. Student musicians took full-advantage of Official SAT® Practice on Khan Academy, which is FREE, online, and personalized. Camp participants enhanced their skills in reading, math, and writing, while also learning about the importance of high PSAT and SAT scores. Research shows that high PSAT and SAT scores increase a student’s access to scholarship dollars and college options, and Khan Academy is one of many resources we have to ensure that every student is set up for success.

A recent study by CollegeBoard found that students who spend just 20 hours on Official SAT® Practice see an average score increase of 115 points (CollegeBoard, 2017). The HISD Department of College Readiness is committed to providing these resources to students throughout HISD; to learn more about Khan Academy, visit http://houstonisd.org/khanacademy.


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