Mission Squash Brings Opportunity and Transformation To Hogg MS

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Mission Squash

Though Urban Squash programs favorably impact students’ lives, Squash is a sport long-associated with a small subset of U.S. elite schools. Mission Squash, a Houston-area organization that helps children from underserved families, is looking to change that— through its 215 hours of programming, Mission Squash enables students to stay in school, graduate, and aspire to attend top-tier colleges and programs. Participating students at Hogg MS receive intensive year-round tutoring, mentoring, private high school placement, and much more, all while improving their health, fitness, and mental resilience through the sport of Squash.

In 2015, Mission Squash built the first Academic + Squash facility in the United States, right here in Houston! The unused space at Hogg MS was transformed, and now serves 50+ students year-round. In addition to enhancing students’ academic, high school, and college options, Mission Squash participants regularly travel and compete in competitions throughout the country, all at no cost to them or their families.

84% of students who participate in an Urban Squash program receive free or reduced lunch. In terms of college preparation and placement:

  • 413 Urban Squash alumni are enrolled in college today
  • 96% of students who complete an Urban Squash and Education program graduate from high school, and matriculate to post-secondary schools
  • Urban Squash students in the U.S. have received a combined $40 Million in scholarships

In terms of college selectivity:

  • 80% of students who complete an Urban Squash and Education program attend 4-year colleges
  • 37% attend Top 100 Colleges or Universities
  • 8% attend Top 25 Colleges or Universities

If you would like to learn more about Mission Squash and other Urban Squash Programs, please visit http://missionsquash.org. Additionally the 2017 Mission Squash One Pager is available for you to read.


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